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Sunrise Scramble

Sunrise Scramble

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Macros Breakdown

440 33g 32g


19g 4g 270mg

Introducing the "Sunrise Scramble" – a breakfast masterpiece that awakens your senses with its rich and creamy blend of whole eggs and light velvety cream cheese. This morning delight ignites your taste buds with the light heat of homemade spicy mayo and golden, crispy potatoes providing a satisfying crunch. A subtle hint of garlic powder and a medley of zesty taco seasonings create a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Say goodbye to bland breakfasts and savor the sunrise in every mouthful.

STACK'd Meals Gluton FreeSTACK'd Meals Soy FreeSTACK'd Meals Nut Free

Gordon Choice Whole Eggs (33.9%), Russet Potatoes (33.9%), Gordons Choice Light Mayo (16.9%), Cured Bacon (8.5%), LIGHT CREAM CHEESE, LIGHT (4.5%) [PASTEURIZED Milk AND CREAM (Milk), PASTEURIZED SKIM Milk, WHEY (Milk), CHEESE (Milk) CULTURE, SALT, SODIUM CITRATE , STABILIZERS (CAROB BEAN AND/OR XANTHAN AND/OR GUAR GUMS), MODIFIED FOOD STARCH , NATURAL FLAVOR , ENZYMES, VITAMIN A PALMITATE], Dried Oregano (1.6%), Garlic (0.36%), Louisiana, Hot Sauce (0.15%) [Peppers, Vinegar And Salt], Lime Juice (0.15%), Tones Taco Seasoning (0.15%)
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