Frequently Asked Questions



Why Choose STACK'd Meals?

Health First

We design all of our meals with your health in mind. We make sure each meal has everything you need to fuel your body in the best way. No unnecessary sugars, additives, or junk.

Fresh Ingredients

We use the highest quality ingredients: meats, veggies, and more. Straight from our kitchen, to your plate for a delicious and healthy meal prep.

Highest Quality

None of our meals are frozen, with no preservatives making them fresh every time. We cater our meals to you to make sure you are eating your favorite meals.

Easy Meal Preps

With our easy process, all you have to do is order and pick up your meals to have meal preps for the entire week!

How Do I Heat My Meals?

- STACK’d meals can be heated in the microwave, or stovetop!

  • Microwave: Remove plastic lid and place in microwave for designated time on label on front of lid. Generally most meals only require 1.5-3 minutes in the microwave, allow to cool, and enjoy! Check the front label for specific time instructions!
  • Stove Top: Remove all contents of meal into non-stick skillet or pan. Heat on medium low up to 7 minutes or to desired temperature, and enjoy your favorite meal!

How Long Do they last?

- STACK’d meals are freshly made each week in our kitchen. These meals will last 1 week in your refrigerator or 3 weeks in your freezer. Meals do have expiration dates on them.

How Do I Order Meals?

- Ordering meals online is very simple! Visit and browse through our delicious options. Put as many desired meals in your cart and finish the checkout process. Enter your name and phone number and choose a store location to pick your meals up at. Enter payment and mailing address to finish the purchasing process! Every Sunday night at midnight is the cut off for orders for that week!

When / Where do I pick-up my meals?

- STACK’d Supplements has various locations. Check to see which is closest to you, when ordering online, choose the location nearest to you and pickup on designated pickup day!

  • Evansville - Wednesday
  • Paducah - Wednesday
  • Carbondale - Wednesday
  • Marion - Wednesday
  • Cape Girardeau - Wednesday
  • Fitness Connection (Dexter, MO) - Saturday

There are also various other GYM's and Independent locations that are available as pick-up locations as well!