Commonly Asked Questions

Are the meals frozen?

- STACK’d Meals are always fresh, never frozen. Although STACK’d Meals does provide the option to freeze your own meals at your own leisure for longer storing options. 

    How long do the meals last?

    - STACK’d meals are freshly made each week in our kitchen. These meals will last 1 week in your refrigerator or 3 weeks in your freezer. Meals do have expiration dates on them. 

      When can I get my meals/How are my meals shipped?

      - STACK’d Meals offers two options when it comes to our meals! We have meals in stock at each of our stores that you can walk in and pick up any time during store hours throughout the week.

      Or order your meals online and at the end of the checkout process you can choose the location nearest to you to pick up your meals in store. Evansville, Cape, and Fitness Connection receive meals on Sundays. Marion, Carbondale, and Paducah meals are delivered on Saturdays.  

        How to order meals?

        - Ordering meals online is very simple! Visit and browse through our delicious options. Put as many desired meals in your cart and finish the checkout process. Enter your name and phone number and choose a store location to pick your meals up at. Enter payment and mailing address to finish the purchasing process! Then wait until pick up day! 

          Where do I pick up the meals I order?

          - STACK’d Supplements has various locations. Check to see which is closest to you, when ordering online, choose the location nearest to you and pickup on designated pickup day!

          • Evansville - Wednesday
          • Paducah - Wednesday
          • Carbondale - Wednesday
          • Marion - Wednesday
          • Cape Girardeau - Wednesday
          • Fitness Connection (Dexter, MO) - Saturday

            How to heat meals? 

            - STACK’d meals can be heated in the microwave, or stovetop!
            • Microwave: Remove plastic lid and place in microwave for designated time on label on front of lid. Generally most meals only require 1.5-3 minutes in the microwave, allow to cool, and enjoy! Check the front label for specific time instructions!
            • Stove Top:  Remove all contents of meal into non-stick skillet or pan. Heat on medium low up to 7 minutes or to desired temperature, and enjoy your favorite meal!

              Why choose STACK’d Meals?

              - STACK’d Meals provide quality options to fill your refrigerator. We understand that life is hectic and cooking every night gets hard. With STACK’d meals save that time by having a meal ready to go, with nutritional value, proportioned to keep you satisfied and allowing you to hit those fitness goals. Each meal is weighed, cooked, and measured to ensure complete nutritional accuracy. STACK’d Meals offers various options to choose from to keep your taste buds happy and healthy eating habits established. Fresh quality ingredients are used and prepared by hand with care. We are a local home built company that strives to help you succeed and accomplish any fitness challenge you seek.